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WEGO Medical, a subsidiary of Weigao Group, is a leading medical device manufacturer specializing in production and global trade.

WEGO Medical was established in 1988 and is currently dedicated to developing its main businesses in medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. With an area of over 6 million square meters, Wego has 13 industrial groups, more than 100 subsidiaries, including 3 listed companies and 8 overseas companies. 

Welcome to WEGO Medical!

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Welcome to WEGO Medical! We are delighted that you are considering visiting our company in person.

As a medical device manufacturer, we are commit- ted to providing high-quality products and excellent services to our global clients.

By personally touring our facilities, you will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of our manufacturing capabilities, quality standards, and innovative technological solutions.

Visit Application

Visit Application

We are pleased to arrange a meeting opportunity for you with members of our team. Based on your needs and areas of interest, we can schedule meetings with our sales team, technical experts, or senior management.

We sincerely invite you to visit the manufacturing factory of WEGO Medical. As a renowned medical device manufacturer, we showcase advanced facilities and quality management processes that allow you to witness our innovation and professionalism firsthand. This visit will provide you with a deeper understanding of our operations, and we look forward to exploring the fascinating world of medical device manufacturing together with you.

We will take you to the WEGO Medical exhibition hall to watch all products and solutions about WEGO.

If you need to contact directly, you can contact us by email

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