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Blood collection tube

Vacutainer tube

Used for storing and separating collected blood samples. These tubes typically contain various types of anticoagulants to ensure the blood remains in an appropriate state after collection for subsequent laboratory testing.

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Blood collection tube
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Vacutainer Tube
Vacutainer Tube
Plain Tube
GEL Tube
Fluoride Tube
Heparin Tube
PT Tube
ESR Tube
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Product Description

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WEGO Medical is dedicated to high-quality medical equipment, with a focus on the blood collection tube production. Through advanced technology and quality control, the products are reliable, safe, and meet medical demands.

EDTA Tube: EDTA tubes can be used on whole blood hematology determinations, blood thpe verification and equipment.

Plain Tube: Plain tubes can be used in collecting blood sample in clinical biachemistry and immunlolgy.

GEL Tube: GEL can be used in seperating serum and plasma, pre-filled for quick serum measeurement and immunology test.

Fluoride Tube: Glucose tube with additive of potassium oxalate/sodium fluoride EDTA is used for test of blood coagulation mechanism.



Plasma Tube: Plasma tubes with Lithium Heparin,Sodium Heparin used in anti-coagulation not only for routine clinical biochemistry tests and emergency biochemistry tests but also for some test items in blood theology.

PT Tube: Sodium Citrate 1:9 with 3.8%(0.129mol/L) sodium citrate as anticoagulant used for coagulation test and ratio of anticoagulant and blood is 1:9.

ESR Tube: Sodium Citrate 1:4 used with 3.2%(0.109mol/L) sodium citrate for anti coagulation and ratio of anticoagulant and blood is 1:4.

Multiple types: Ordinary vaccum blood collection tubeand high vacuum collection tube are gvailable.​
Be good insealing capability
Accept OEM and ODM
Sterile for single use
International uiform color code
Glass tube and pet tube are available
Empty tube/coagulant tube anticoagulation tube
Product Application Field

Blood collection tubes are intended for/DRUG TESTING/BLOOD SERUM BIOCHEMISTRY of fields.

Application scenarios of blood collection tubes
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