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Operating Room

Medical Pendant

The high-strength carrying capacity of the pendant and the standardized suspensioninterface can meet the requirements of the integrated use of modern equipments.

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Product Feature

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WEGO Medical’s medical pendant is divided into two series: the ICU series and the operating room series. The different application scenarios result in distinct functionalities for each series.

ICU Series:

The whole pendant uses high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy for light weight and high bearing.

Diferent pendant body,power interface, gas interface and instrument platform etc, can be combined on the basis of individual needs.

The capacity of pendant body can be expanded according to individual needs.

According to actual space, different suspension arm length can be matched with

Medical Pendant

Operating Room Series:

Each joint can be horizontally rotated 340°.

Patented 120 °-cone-bearing design ensures the stability of the pendant operation.

When taking brake, the pendant body is steady without drifting; after brake released, then the pendant can be moved freely.

The system adopts a streamlined design which benefits to the laminar flow purification.

The elaborate collocation of colors is fully integrated into your entire treatment environment.

Complies with international standards.
It can be integrated or installed in series with various devices.
LED ultra-clear screen, can present objects clearly.
Certificate: ISO/CE
Fully aluminum alloy integrated instrument platform, embedded side rails, adjustable height as needed.
The bottom of the box is equipped with auxiliary lighting function.
Customized development to adapt to the usage environments of different departments.
Product Application Field

Medical Pendants are used for ICU/Operating room series.

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