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WEGO sutures covers all the suture lines including Absorbable and Non-Absorbable sutures approved by ISO, CE and FDA.

Foosin Suture


WEGO sutures covers all the suture lines including Absorbable and Non-Absorbable sutures approved by ISO, CE and FDA, marketing globally under the umbrella of Product Liability Insurance since 2007.

Strong and sharp needle combined well with soft and smooth thread with sophisticated manufacturing process, offering various easy-to-use packaging that makes WEGO sutures become the reliable choice of surgery.


Foosin Medical mainly manufacturing surgical sutures, suture needles and wound dressings. Our main equipment is imported from US and EURO, secured by the strictly quality control and the advantage manufacturing control, our suture and suture needle products own the best quality in China.

We have full production line of surgical needles from USA. The procedures was updated form traditional US needle manufacturer that supplied to Ethicon over 30 years. The precision needle testing machine was intrduced from US in the same modle with Ethicon/B. Braun/Covidien, we use it on the full procedures of needle manufacturing, and this makes our needle same quality with US needles on Sharpness/Bending/Ductility.

All of our sutures already obtain CE mark and FDA 510K. We are still expanding our sutures to get CE and FDA 510K. We will become the first one China suture manfuacturer haveing the full lines sutures to be CE marked and FDA510K registered from 2016, which inluding PGA, PGLA, PDO, PGCL, Rapid PGA, Rapid PGLA, Chromic Catgut, Plain Catgut, Silk, Nylon(Polyamide), Polypropylene, Polyester, PTFE(Teflon), PVDF and UHDPE sutures.

Braided / Cable
Nylon 6 and 6.6
Blue / Black / Clear
USP 2- USP 10/0
metric 5 – metric 0.2

Skin and Plastic Surgery, Micro- vascular surgery,Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics

Due to the gradual loss of tensile strength which mayoccur over prolonged periods in vivo,WEGO-NYLONsuture should not be used where permanent retentionof tensile strength is required. lt’s not indicated for thecentral circulatory system and central nervous system
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