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Sundries Rack

Hospital Bed

It is installed on the side or head of the bed for easy access, helping keep the room tidy and organized.


Sundries Rack

The Sundries rack is a part of the hospital bed, specifically designed for storing and organizing the patient’s daily necessities.

It is usually installed on the side or head of the bed, allowing patients and caregivers to easily access items.


WEGO Medical’s sundries rack is made of cold drawn steel bars, bent and welded, and surface sprayed. It can be placed at the head and tail sides of the bed.

The design of the Sundries rack emphasizes practicality and convenience, ensuring that patients can easily retrieve the needed items and improving the efficiency of care.

Convenient StorageEasily accessible on the side or head of the bed.
OrganizationKeeps personal care items, medical equipment, and medications neatly arranged.
Practical DesignEmphasizes ease of use and efficiency in patient care.
Space-SavingHelps maintain a tidy and orderly hospital room.
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