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Blood Glucose Meter

Diabetes Care

Patients can rely on blood glucose meter for effective monitoring of blood sugar levels, aiding in diabetes management.

Blood Glucose Meter
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Product Feature

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Microcomputer control system, touch screen displaying.

Integrated printer to print parameters during cycle.

Built-in vacuum pump and vacuum drying system.

Built-in water tank, automatic sterilization process.

Built-in rapid electrical steam generator made of stainless steel.

Accessory: Stainless steel sterilizing baskets, one transport trolley, stainless steel buckets with a lid.

Blood Glucose Meter

Measuring method: Electrochemistry method

Testing range: 1.1-33.3mmol/l

Test sample: Fresh capillary whole blood from fngertip or forearm

Displaying results: Corresponding plasma glucose concentration

Operating temperatureand humidity: 10-40℃、10-90%.

HCT: 20%-60%


Glucose oxidase
Anti-interference formula
Auto poweron/Auto withdraw test strips
Intelligent self-inspection
HCT calibration
lemperature calibration
Silver carbon high precision electrode
Product Application Field

Biomedical research institution, laboratory and medical health center

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