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Pediatric Bed


WEGO pediatric beds are specially designed for hospitals, ensuring children's comfort and safety with adjustable features and safety functions.


Pediatric Bed

WEGO pediatric beds are meticulously crafted with the unique needs of pediatric patients in mind, tailored specifically for hospitals and medical facilities. These beds boast an array of safety features and adjustable components to guarantee not only the utmost comfort but also the highest level of safety for children during their stay.


With thoughtful design elements such as child-friendly colors and shapes, along with specialized rails and restraints, WEGO pediatric beds provide a secure and reassuring environment for young patients and their families.

Dimensions1880 × 900 × 1260mm
Bed size1770×720mm, bed height from ground 585mm
Caster sizestandard 125 mm
Adjustment rangeBack lift: 75 °± 5 °
Leg lift: 45 °± 5 °
GuardrailCarbon steel liftable guardrai
Guardrail Size1770*570mm, guardrail protection tube spacing is less than 6cm , and there are 3 gear settings for adjustable height
Gear 1Guardrail height from the bed surface 80mm
Gear 2Guardrail height from the bed surface 310mm
Gear 3Guardrail height from the bed surface 500mm
Hospital Bed1 set
Casters4 pieces
Guardrail (carbon steel fully enclosed)1 set
Headboard And Footboard1 set
Fixed Sundries Rack1 piece
Stainless Steel IV Stand1 piece
Mattress1 piece
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