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Manual Homecare Bed

Hospital Furniture

Adjustable, comfort-focused, convenience


Manual Homecare Bed

WEGO Manual Homecare Bed is engineered with a multitude of adjustable modes, meticulously crafted to ensure optimal comfort and convenience for individuals requiring extended care or specialized attention. Whether catering to long-term patients recuperating at home or those with specific medical needs, this bed boasts a range of customizable settings to adapt to diverse requirements and preferences.


From adjustable height to variable positioning of the backrest, leg elevation, and even trendelenburg angles, the WEGO Homecare Bed offers a tailored solution for each patient’s unique comfort and therapeutic needs. 

Its intuitive design not only prioritizes ease of use for caregivers but also enhances the overall quality of life for patients, promoting better rest, improved circulation, and enhanced recovery outcomes. 

With durable construction and thoughtful features such as integrated side rails for added safety and smooth mobility for seamless caregiving, the WEGO Homecare Bed sets a new standard in comfort, functionality, and support for individuals receiving home-based care.

Dimensions2125 × 1000 × 500 mm​​
Caster sizestandard 12 5 mm
Adjustment rangeBack lift: 75 °± 5 °
Leg lift: 45 °± 5 °
MaterialSolid wood headboard, sideboard and footboard
Hospital bed1 set
Wooden headboard and footboard1 set
Wooden bed rails2 pieces
Aluminum alloy guardrail1 set
Casters4 pieces
Mattress1 piece


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