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Plasma Air Purifier


WGD series medical plasma air disinfectors are mainly composed of fan, pre-filter, plasma disinfection module and molecular filter.

Hospital Furniture
Plasma Air Purifier
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Product Feature

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Application: Hospital operating room, ICU, supply room, delivery room, ward, laboratory, pathology room,consulting room, infusion room, protective isolation ward, intensive care ward, dental implant room, hemodialysis room, public places with dense staff and easy cross infection, etc…

Working time accumulation function, cleaning and maintenance automatic reminder function.

Disinfection enhance function is able to deal with indoor infection in an emergency.

The reservation mode can realize 6-period reservation on / off.

Plasma Air Purifier

Rated air flow:  1000 m³/h

Applied room: 100 m³

Negative Ion Num: ≥ 6000000 Pc/m³

Disinfection time: 60 mins

Killing rate of Natural bacteria: 96.13%

Killing rate for bacterium in aerosol room: ≥99.99%

Particle removal rate (0.5μm): >99.99%


Large movable type can disinfect larger space and effectively save equipment investment
Installation type: Mobile type
Equipped with Magnetic remote control
Automatic fault alarm function
Small movable can be used in different rooms for emergency infection case
High, medium and low wind speed adjustable
Equipped with manual and reservation mode to meet user needs
Product Application Field

Biomedical research institution, laboratory and medical health center

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