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Flow Regulator


WEGO IV Flow Regulator delivers precise fluid control in IV therapy.


IV Flow Regulator

WEGO IV Flow Regulator delivers precise fluid control in IV therapy. With reliable performance and intuitive design, our regulators enhance patient care and streamline procedures.

Trust WEGO Medical for dependable IV fluid delivery solutions.


The IV flow regulator is a medical device used to control the rate of flow of fluids into a patient’s intravenous (IV) line. It is typically integrated into the IV tubing and is designed to regulate the infusion rate of medications, blood products, or other fluids prescribed by healthcare professionals.

Flow Rate Adjustment
IV flow regulators allow healthcare providers to accurately set the infusion rate per hour, usually in milliliters per hour. This helps ensure that patients receive the correct amount of fluids according to medical prescriptions.
Flow regulators typically have clear scales and numerical indicators, facilitating easy reading and adjustment of flow rate settings by healthcare providers.
It could incorporate safety designs to minimize risks for both patients and healthcare providers. For instance, some flow regulators may have anti-slip features to prevent accidental misoperation.
It’s designed for easy connection to the intravenous infusion system, ensuring that fluids can flow effectively into the patient’s blood vessels.
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