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WEGO Medical, a subsidiary of Weigao Group, is a leading medical device manufacturer specializing in production and global trade.

WEGO Medical is dedicated to actively seeking partners worldwide and is eager to collaborate with distributors from various regions to jointly stride towards a more prosperous future. We firmly believe that through close and effective cooperation, we can better leverage our respective strengths and explore new frontiers in the healthcare sector.

In this era full of challenges and opportunities, we look forward to working hand in hand with our partners, fostering continuous innovation, and providing high-quality, innovative medical solutions to patients globally.

As a leading medical company, WEGO Medical is dedicated to providing patients with cutting-edge medical solutions.Our products and services encompass a wide range of medical areas, including diagnostic equipment, treatment plans, and medical devices.

Through collaboration with global distributors, we aim to promote these innovative technologies and high-quality products in more markets, benefiting a larger number of patients.

We believe that distributors are crucial partners for our success. You are familiar with the local market, understand local needs and culture, and can provide us with valuable market insights and sales channels.

Through partnering with WEGO Medical, you will enjoy comprehensive support and training. We will jointly develop market strategies and offer competitive products and pricing to ensure the success of our partners in the market.

We will work closely with distributors to carry out marketing activities, including participation in international exhibitions, organizing seminars, and training courses.

Furthermore, we aim to establish long-term and stable partnerships with distributors, achieving a win-win situation through mutual efforts.

We greatly value transparent communication and compliance with our potential partners.

Before you become our agent, we do need to conduct necessary investigations and evaluations to ensure that our partnership can be built on a solid foundation.

These investigations typically involve gathering information about your company’s internal affairs, financial status, market presence, and purchasing capacity.

We understand that this information may be sensitive and confidential to you, and we will treat it with utmost confidentiality, sharing it only with relevant teams when necessary.

We promise to handle the information you provide with the utmost professionalism and only use it for evaluating your qualifications and the potential for collaboration.

We will ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the information you provide and work with you to ensure smooth communication between us, facilitating the progress of our partnership.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information we require, please feel free to raise them with us.

We are willing to address any issues and provide the necessary support to help you meet our requirements and become our agent successfully. We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you and achieving success together.

WEGO Medical is a highly recognized medical device company, and our position in the global medical device industry continues to strengthen.

According to the “Top 100 Medical Device Companies 2022” list published by MD+DI QMED, WEGO Medical proudly ranks 53rd, recognizing our outstanding sales performance. However, we are not content with our current achievements and aspire to be among the top 50 global companies by 2030.

We firmly believe that diversity and global collaboration are the keys to our success.

WEGO Medical serves customers in over 100 countries and regions, with branch offices and offices established in 16 countries and regions including Thailand, South Korea, Kenya, and Chile. We have established medical collaboration mechanisms with over 1,500 hospitals, dedicated to providing advanced medical devices and services to patients worldwide.

Our global distributor network is an integral part of our success.

Currently, we collaborate with over 400 distributors, jointly expanding markets and driving sales. These partners bring us valuable experience and resources, helping us better meet customer needs.

Quality and innovation are at the core of our drive. We proudly announce that we have obtained over 300 medical device registrations worldwide, with our blood bag products ranking among the top in multiple markets.

These certifications and market shares attest to the reliability and excellent performance of our products globally, and our team takes great pride in this accomplishment.

We adhere to a globalization strategy, committed to providing high-quality and reliable medical device products and solutions. We relentlessly pursue innovation to contribute to the development of the global healthcare industry and the well-being of patients.

We look forward to future challenges and opportunities, confident that with continued effort and collaboration, we will achieve even greater success.


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Q1. How to become a distributor?

A: To become our distributor, please provide your company information along with some local market entry certificates. For specific details, kindly send a business cooperation email to

A: For distributors, we offer policy support in terms of product pricing and priority. Additionally, our staff organizes annual joint training sessions for continuous learning and development.

A: WEGO Medical offers a comprehensive range of medical products associated with the WEGO and WEMED brands. This includes medical consumables such as syringes, infusion sets, blood bags, as well as medical equipment like hospital beds, large oxygen concentrators, sterilization cabinets, and more.

A: We provide training to distributors to a certain extent. If needed, our local staff can visit your company for friendly business cooperation.

A: You can participate in our current market promotion programs, and if you have better ideas, we’ll assess the feasibility and effectiveness of your proposal in collaboration with the local office. If approved, we will adopt your plan.

A: Firstly, we have a large production facility with independent quality control centers at every stage of production. This ensures that the quality at each step meets both Chinese and international standards. Additionally, before exporting products, our quality control personnel conduct individual inspections for each product.

A: Our parent company is a publicly traded company: WEGO Group. WEGO Group was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2004 with the code HKG:1066 and transferred to the main board in 2010.

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