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Hypodermic Syringes


A disposable syringe is a medical injection tool designed for single-use.


Pre-filled Syringes

WEGO Medical is the first manufacturer of pre-filled flush syringes in China and obtained the EU CE certificate of this product in 2021. The production adopts German B+S imported equipment, which has a high degree of automation, high production effciency, uniform and stable product quality.

WEGO Medical uses advanced manufacturing technology to improve product quality and carry out digital transformation. Our goal is not limited to WEGO Intelligent Manufacturing, but to promote the “intelligent manufacturing” transformation of the whole entire device industry


The easy-to-use medicine market is changing, with an increase in biotech therapies and drug candidates that can only be administered by the injection route in a wide range of therapeutic areas such as multiple sclerosis, infertility, osteoporosis, hepatitis, rheumatoid Arthritis, cancer, anemia and hemophilia, etc. Some biotech drugs require frequent injections by patients themselves, and they benefit the most from the convenience of prefilled syringes, which eliminate steps and make use faster and easier.

By now WEGO Medical has more than 200 sets injection molding machine, 25 sets full-automation assembling machine and 20 sets twenty cube ethylene oxide sterilization container for vaccine syringe production lines. All manufacturing processes are highly quality controlled and maintained to the highest standards-complete with FDA 510K, CE marks, ISO9001 and ISO13485 certificates.

polypropylene, butyl rubber
PartsBarrel+Piston+Plunger+Needle(or w/o needle) Available with luer slip, luer lock, or catheter tip
high temperature moist heat sterilization
Built-in sterile flushing solution (0.9% normal saline)
Sterile locking ring design (to ensure that the liquid is not polluted during transportation and storage)
Screw design (needle-free connection to avoid needlestick injury)
Ergonomic barrel edge design (convenient for clinical operation)
0 pollutionSAL 10-6 terminal sterilization, sterilization level is 1000 times higher than manual
0 particleAvoid particles and debris of glass bottles from entering the human body during
0 stab woundNeedle-free connection can effectively avoid needlestickinjury.
0 wasteReduce the waste of 0.9% Nacl injection and ampoules.
0 configuration16 steps VS 6 steps can effectively reduce nursing time.
0 infectionAvoid catheter-related infection caused by manual configuration.
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