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Delivery Bed

Hospital Furniture

WEGO Medical Delivery Bed: handle control, movable obstetric handles, flexible adjustment, sliding dirt basin, baby delivery trolley, silent casters, CPR, battery.

Hospital Furniture
Delivery Bed
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Delivery Bed1

Product Advantage

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It has a welding robot cluster with high precision and good stability.

Possess the domestic advanced powder coating production line.

Bed frame: the upper and lower frame structure is adopted to improve the overall strength.

Bed surface: unique design, which not only increases strength but also improves protection.

Crank: Two-way interference protection function.

Casters: 125mm double-sided silent medical casters.

Delivery Bed

Dimensions (mm) : 2210×1020

Lifting height: 550mm~900mm

Back lift: 65°±5°

Supine position with head down: 4 Pcs

Midwifery handle sliding (mechanical): 300mm

Maximum load (kg):  250Kg

Weight (kg): 240

Flexible adjustment, fully support free posture delivery
Equipped with a baby delivery trolley
Two control methods, hand controller and guardrail button
Back And Forth Tilting
Movable midwifery handle, suitable for different parturients
With mechanical CPR, battery
125mm double-sided silent medical casters
Product Application Field

It integrates labor preparation, delivery and postpartum recovery, providing mothers with free delivery in multiple body positions.

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