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Vertical Pressure

Steam Sterilizer

WEGO MSL series vertical pressure steam sterilizer is used for sterilizing surgical instruments, glassware, and more, commonly found in research labs and medical centers.

MSL Series
Autoclave Sterilizer
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Product Advantage

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MSL.NSJ series vertical class N pressure steam sterilizer is suitable for sterilizing instruments, textile, glassware, medium, rubber, liquid, wastes and more, widely used in the biomedical research institution, laboratory and medical health center.

Without water tank, semi-automatic sterilization process.

Automatic control function of fast exhaust and slow exhaust avoids liquid overflow.

Unwrapped, wrapped, dressings, rubber, user-defined, medium, melt & holding, sterilization & holding procedure are offered to user to select. The parameters of user-defined, medium, melt & holding, sterilization & holding can be regulated according to requirement.

Vertical Pressure Steam sterilizers

Dissolution temperature:  40~100℃

Holding temperature: 40~60℃

Temperature uniformity: ≤±0.5℃

Sterilization temperature range: 1 05 ℃~1 38℃

Dissolution time: 0~72 hours

Holding time: 0~72 hours


Microcomputer control system
Built-in vacuum pump
Built-in water tank
Certificate:CE/ ISO13485/ ISO9001
Built-in rapid electrical steam generator
Chamber material: Isolated AISI316 stainless steel
Melt & holding function.
Product Application Field

Biomedical research institution, laboratory and medical health center

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