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WEGO Medical, a subsidiary of Weigao Group, is a leading medical device manufacturer specializing in production and global trade.

WEGO Medical Chronicle | The Birth of Excellence — Resolute Beginnings

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Founder of WeiGao Group, Mr. Chen Xueli, hails from the esteemed village of Wang Jiaqin in the original Tian Village of Weihai. Remarkably, at the tender age of 23, he assumed the venerable position of Party Branch Secretary in his village. In October of 1987, he was bestowed the responsibility of serving at the town’s welfare home, where he undertook the distinguished roles of Party Branch Secretary and Director of the Tian Village Welfare Home.

Upon his arrival at the welfare home, Mr. Chen, with deep respect and concern for the elderly residents, discerned the aging infrastructure and subpar quality of sustenance. This situation deeply unsettled his compassionate heart, prompting him to make a solemn commitment to ensure a more comfortable and dignified life for the senior citizens under his care.

Motivated by a sincere desire to enhance the lives of the elderly, Mr. Chen embarked on a tireless quest to explore business opportunities that could generate revenue for the welfare home. During a business trip to Suzhou, he serendipitously discovered a business prospect related to disposable infusion sets. Recognizing the immense potential for the development of such products in China, especially in the nascent stage of disposable medical equipment, Mr. Chen promptly decided to introduce this innovative project.

With a vision fueled by compassion and a sense of duty, Mr. Chen secured a financial foundation by borrowing 25,000 yuan in tax turnover funds from the town. Subsequently, he initiated the production and assembly of disposable infusion sets. This visionary endeavor marked a pivotal moment in the establishment of Weihai Group, with the precursor being the branch of the state-owned Shandong Weihai Medical Equipment Factory officially founded on May 8, 1988.

The first infusion set made by WEGO Medical

(The first infusion set made by WEGO Medical)

During the establishment of the factory, faced with the daunting challenges of inadequate funds, a dearth of skilled personnel, and a scarcity of technological resources, Mr. Chen Xueli earnestly pondered the profound question of how to impeccably build and advance the factory, thereby embarking on a path of innovative development. With profound foresight and a deep sense of responsibility, he held the conviction that even a modest-sized factory should possess a clearly defined direction and guiding principles to harmonize thoughts and orchestrate collective endeavors.

On the auspicious day of the factory’s inception, Mr. Chen, displaying a remarkable blend of sagacity and dedication, meticulously formulated the foundational policy of “Pioneering Innovation, Seeking Practical Consolidation” within the confines of his office. This policy, conceived with a vision for the future, served as the guiding light for the nascent enterprise.

In its nascent stages, the team comprised a mere five members, yet under Mr. Chen’s sagacious leadership, it gradually burgeoned. On the noteworthy date of September 2, 1988, the Shandong Weihai Medical Polymer Instrument Factory emerged as a testament to Mr. Chen’s unwavering commitment. In a strategic move reflecting his astute leadership, he, in December of the same year, orchestrated the acquisition of five struggling enterprises—a knitting factory, carpet factory, shoe material factory, welfare company, and leather shoe factory. This audacious decision not only shouldered a debt exceeding 3.7 million yuan but, more significantly, addressed the employment concerns of over 200 individuals, thereby exemplifying Mr. Chen’s commitment to the welfare of the community.

In every step of this remarkable journey, Mr. Chen Xueli’s steadfast vision and judicious decision-making not only fortified the foundation of the enterprise but also set a commendable precedent for innovation and responsible leadership in the industry.

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