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WEGO Medical, a subsidiary of Weigao Group, is a leading medical device manufacturer specializing in production and global trade.

Tanzania’s Ambassador to China, H.E. Mbelwa Kairuki, and delegation visited WEGO Medical

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On March 28, the Tanzanian Ambassador to China, H.E. Mbelwa Kairuki, embarked on a significant visit to WEGO Medical. The timing of the visit coincides with WEGO’s remarkable presence in African countries, including Kenya and Nigeria, where their blood transfusion consumables have dominated the market, accounting for over 60%. WEGO has been expanding its footprint across the African continent, establishing branches in key nations such as Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, and others.

On March 28, Mbelwa, #Tanzanian ambassador to China, visited #WEGO Medical.

The meeting addressed various crucial topics, with a particular focus on exploring potential collaborations in providing local medical solutions tailored to the unique healthcare landscape of Tanzania. The discussions also delved into understanding the evolving medical needs of the Tanzanian population.

During the interaction, leaders from WEGO Medical expressed their commitment to supporting Tanzanian hospitals in enhancing their infrastructure continuously. They emphasized the importance of knowledge exchange by facilitating visits and training programs in China for Tanzanian medical professionals. This initiative aims to empower African doctors with advanced medical insights, contributing to the ongoing elevation of healthcare standards throughout the continent.

Tanzania's Ambassador to China, H.E. Mbelwa Kairuki, and his delegation paid a visit to WEGO

The collaborative efforts between WEGO Medical and Tanzania reflect a broader commitment to advancing healthcare in Africa. The exchange of expertise and resources is expected to have a lasting impact on medical capabilities in Tanzania, fostering a healthier and more resilient population. This visit marks a crucial step in the journey toward sustainable healthcare development and international cooperation between China and Tanzania.

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