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WEGO Medical, a subsidiary of Weigao Group, is a leading medical device manufacturer specializing in production and global trade.

Weigao Overseas Management Group is established

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WEGO Medical(Weigao Overseas Management Group), a subsidiary of Weigao Group, is a leading medical device manufacturer specializing in production and global trade. The company is primarily engaged in the research, development, production, and sales of medical consumable products such as infusion sets, syringes, blood transfusion sets, blood bags, and blood collection tubes. WEGO Medical is committed to adjusting the industry structure through technological innovation and enhancing its ability for independent innovation, aiming to achieve remarkable achievements in the field of medical devices.

As a renowned domestic medical device manufacturer, WEGO Medical has gained a reputation for excellent product quality and innovation capabilities within the industry. The company actively promotes scientific research collaboration and has established multiple research and development centers and laboratories in partnership with scientific research institutions, universities, and hospitals. These include a state-level enterprise technology center, a national engineering laboratory for medical implant devices, a national key laboratory, as well as academician, post-doctoral, and Taishan scholar working centers. Through close cooperation with research institutions and experts, WEGO Medical continuously brings forth new ideas, offering high-tech and high-value-added medical device products.

WEGO Medical emphasizes scientific management and information technology implementation, employing advanced information systems such as ERP, SRM, and BPM. This enhances decision-making capabilities, management efficiency, and overall quality. The company’s products have obtained certifications such as CE and ISO 13485, and some have received market clearance from the US FDA. The testing center of WEGO Medical has been accredited by the National Laboratory Accreditation Committee, ensuring that product quality meets national standards and regulations.

With a customer-centric approach, WEGO Medical has established an extensive sales network and customer service system. The company operates 113 customer service centers and over 100 offices throughout China, with sales representatives covering various regions nationwide. Its products are sold in more than 30 provinces and municipalities in China.

In 2023, WEGO Medical (Weigao Overseas Management Group) announced its establishment, focusing on the export business of medical devices. Simultaneously, it integrated the export departments of all subsidiaries under Weigao Group, forming a unified trade and industry-oriented export company. This move aims to optimize the entire group’s export business structure, enhance synergies, and further consolidate Weigao Group’s position in the international market for medical devices.

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